How and why to use a smudge stick?

How and why to use a smudge stick?

✨When moving to a new residence

✨While performing cleaning chores

✨Cleansing crystals and jewelry

✨When feeling unwell, depressed, or restless

✨After bad dreams

✨Before meditation

✨When guests have left

✨After someone has been ill or after arguments


💫Experience purity on all levels 🙃

💫We offer small and large home energy cleansing kits, so you can choose the one that suits you best: sage smudge stick or Palo Santo wood. In the summer, you can even make your own smudge sticks using locally grown herbs, sage, or other plants.

💫Our home energy cleansing kits also include a seashell representing the water element and serving as a practical tool to prevent ashes from falling on the floor. 💫Before you begin, remember to set your intention for the ritual. For example, if your purpose is to cleanse your home, you can use a phrase like "I release all energy that no longer serves this home and me." You can confidently use your own created mantra or prayer.

💫Smudge smoke is produced by lighting the end of the smudge stick in the seashell.

💫As the smudge stick smokes, hold it above the seashell to catch any falling ashes, and carefully carry it around your home while reciting your mantra or prayer. ❣️Remember, when cleansing your home or room, pay special attention to places where energy naturally stagnates, such as room corners, behind doors, and in rooms that are not frequently used.

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