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Bracelet for protection and power

Bracelet for protection and power

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The hawk's eye stone is a healing stone that has been used for centuries to heal the body, mind, and spirit. The stone's name, hawk's eye, comes from the belief that hawks have good vision, can see long distances, and know enough to identify obstacles before they become problematic.

This stone is helpful for those who want to improve their physical and spiritual world. And in meditation, this stone helps to gain clear insight.

Hawk's eye is a stone of protection and strength.
Helps to create ideas about reality and positive changes in life;
Helps to get rid of negativity, as well as eliminates fear and self-doubt;
Brings peace in difficult situations by opening the mind to clear thinking.

Hematite is a stone of the mind.
Strengthens memory and promotes creative thinking;
Mentally concentrates and focuses;
It calms fear, removes anger, and promotes peace.

Black onyx is a stone of self-control.
Protect from jealous and judgmental people;
Gives self-confidence, courage, and strength;
helps to get rid of negative energy and harmful habits.


8mm beads.


The beads and colors shown in the image may vary depending on your 
computer or smart device's technical color and brightness settings. Also, the beads may differ, because each stone bead is unique. Natural stones can have texture and or little bumps.
Disclaimer: our products are not to replace medical or other professional help, care, or support. In case you experience any health issues, always consult a certified doctor.
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Bracelet sizes

What size bracelet do I need if my size is 17cm?
For a 17cm wrist size, a 17cm bracelet will definitely fit. If you like bracelets that hang loose, we recommend you take only one size larger!

How can I find out my wrist size?
Use a soft measuring tape and measure so that the measuring tape fits your wirst, not loosely with a "reserve."

Keep this in mind! Natural stone bead bracelets are heavier than others, and two or three-size, more oversized bracelets may slip off the arm.


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